April 2, 2012

Larry talks about ... his publishing journey

Well, my first novel, "The Priest and The Peaches", is out there for all the world to see and, hopefully, also read. So, let me discuss a topic I rarely broach---my emotions. You have to understand that I am not a kid anymore. I am officially (according to the government) a senior citizen who has been begrudgingly accepting "senior discounts" at restaurants and department stores for some time. Alas, I have thrown in the towel and now look for these discounts and even ask for them. I am what I am---a mid 60's grandpa with eight grandchildren sporting a bald spot. My problem is that inside me is still a mischievous boy trying to free himself from his captor, ME. And yes, sometimes he actually escapes. (Now that Christmas is over I have finally been able to make him take off those weird elf ears he's been wearing for the last week).

Having said all of that I now admit that I experienced an enhanced range of rolling emotions when "The Priest and The Peaches" launched. "Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes", my first published book and a children's book, was introduced in January of 2011. That provided an emotional ride but this time, well, this is a novel and I am being tossed about by unpredictable waves of feelings. There is a personal pride in the work accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. There are feelings of excitement knowing you can say you are an author. There is definitely a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for those who encouraged and supported me (especially my wife, Marty, and Nicole Langan at Tribute Books). Finally, and this is the under-tow or mini tsunami coming the other way, there is a nagging feeling of insecurity that keeps whispering in my ear, "You wrote a book?---you gotta be kidding". Once I get that "whisperer" to shut up I'll be "good to go".