September 14, 2019

Catholic Writers Online Conference; 2019


By Larry Peterson

ANNOUNCING the 2019 Catholic Writer's Online Conference for 2019 

What’s So Great about CWCO?

The schedule is almost finalized, so if you’re wondering what it is you’ll learn at CWCO 2019, go check here ( to see all the interesting and useful presentations we have planned. You’ll find a variety of topics, from self-publishing to plotting to what it means to write Catholic fiction. It’s a wide variety, but two things distinguish our conference from others:

First, the presentations are useful. With the exception of a few key seminars analyzing the culture of writing, our presentations give you tips and best practices you can use right away to make your manuscript deeper, more interesting, more entertaining… In the end, more salable.

Second, the presentations are Catholic. Our presenters are faithful, practicing Catholics, and their presentations reflect that. It goes beyond not offending our beliefs, which most presentations at any conference do. These presenters respect the principles we live by and show you how you can write in and for a secular world without compromising who you are. Sure, a seminar on plotting probably won’t reference the Catechism. However, you’re most likely to find a reference to Flannery O’Connor than whomever is currently sitting atop the bestseller's list.

The CWCO is a unique conference in its approach and content. We have a goal of bringing up Catholic writers no matter what their preferred genre, and doing it in a way that brings our faith and principles up as well. Come join the experience!
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We look forward to seeing you there!

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