March 14, 2011

Just Our Thoughts review

Just Our Thoughts
March 14, 2011

Slippery Willie by Larry Peterson - a review
by LaDonna Harris

“Willie Wiggles was like most of the other kids in his class except for one thing. He had slippery feet. They were so slippery that Willie just slipped, slid and spun all over the place. Even when Willie had his shoes on, the slipperiness would slip out and he would still slip, slide and spin.” And so starts this silly but touching story about being different from our peers and how we deal with our “different-ness”. Join “Slippery Willie” on his adventure.

I really enjoyed the simple story, the simple message and the adorable pictures. I know my children will enjoy this book over and over again. I love the word “slipperiness”. It’s awesome!