May 10, 2018

Hell Rises--A new Thriller by Best-Selling Author; Joseph Max Lewis


By Larry Peterson

Joseph Max Lewis has written three "Best-Selling Thrillers and has now added the creme de la creme to the mix with his latest novel, "Hell Rises".

A small group of almost "invisible" people was sitting around the table. They were all powerful, influential, well-connected individuals who made up the Board of Directors of the Society for Human Enlightenment. Wealthy, polite, and impeccably dressed it was virtually impossible to grasp the truth hidden in their souls. They craved not money, nor fame. They only desired power, power over humanity. They were, each and every one of them, Satan worshippers.

The Society had been secretly using their own particle-collider to wear down the quark-gluon plasma barrier between the Earth's crust and hell. The objective was to provide the opening for the anti-christ to get to Earth. But something was beginning to interfere with their plans. They were pretty sure it was Astrophysicist, Valerie Langal. They immediately decided that she must be killed. Their "Master's" objective could not be opposed no matter what.

Join the adventure to save humanity as Valerie Langal, attempting to save the plasma barrier is hunted by the "dark-side". Be part of the team trying to save her and help her succeed.  The team is a mixed bag of professionals and includes;  Deputy Director of the CIA, Robert Cartwin; Special Agent, Ashta Lamonta; "go-to-guy, Hank Jenkins; and Director, Dannis Landsberry and many others to keep you turning the pages.

You will definitely want to read this book from end to end to see if, in fact, "Hell Rises". You will not get that answer from me and you will not find out until the end of the book. You just have to read it.  It is worth the adventure. All I can say is E N J O Y!

                                     copyright©Larry Peterson 2018

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