October 31, 2017

Book Review: FATIMA--The Apparition That Changed The World by Jean Heimann


By Larry Peterson

 There are hundreds of stories and books about Our Lady of Fatima that are available. Honestly, I have read only a few of the books and probably filled my need with scores of shorter stories and news events.  So when I was asked to review this book I never expected such a blessing to be coming my way. This book is absolutely sensational in its presentation,  stunning to look at and just plain, for lack of a better word, wonderful to read.

Author, Jean Heimann, has managed to somehow transport us into a centennial celebration of this remarkable story. I found myself having an actual uplifting experience as I mentally joined so many others who were at Fatima during the centennial celebration. I'm not kidding folks.

This book is a hardcover gem of 126 pages. It is only six inches wide by eight inches high and is perfect for a child's hands. This book drags you in and moves you along through stunning pictures (over 75 of them) and simple to read content. You do not even realize it but you go to Fatima.

When you flip open the book you are greeted by facing pages of the statue of the Pilgrim Virgin, standing on a mound of white roses with hundreds of lit candles spread in front of you, candles held aloft by thousands upon thousands of people. You are welcomed in for the journey.

The book begins with a timeline which takes us from 1916 (when the Angel of Peace visits the children)  across the century finishing on October 13, 2017, the 100th Anniversary of the final apparition and the Miracle of the Sun. Accessing this timeline as you go through the book is a wonderful and easy way to keep on top of significant reference points as you travel through the book and makes it much easier to explain to small children.

Short biographies and photos of the three seers take you with them into the Cova da Iria. We stand behind them during the apparitions brought into the scene by magnificent paintings and photographs. We suffer along with Francisco and Jacinta as influenza takes them to heaven while still children. We journey with Lucia as she enters the convent at the age of 18. In December,  Our Lady and the Child Jesus appeared to her. I will let you have the pleasure of reading what They said to her for yourself.

There is even a history of the Popes who were involved with Fatima starting with Pope Pius XI. It is interesting to note that Pius XI was not the pope at the time of the apparitions but the children knew of him. Pope Benedict XV was pope at the time. The children knew of Pius XI (who did not become pope until 1922) because our Lady had told them of him.

I am going to stop here. This book is too beautiful for me to keep giving away its context. But I will share one more tidbit that I personally fell in love with. On page 84 is a picture of Pope St. John Paul II. In the picture, he is standing in front of a statue of the Pilgrim Virgin. He is obviously praying. But he has his hand extended seemingly touching her on her right arm. His right hand is covering his heart. His head leans forward as if he is speaking to her. The statue's head is leaning forward as if Our Lady is intently listening to him. I love this picture. You might get a copy of the book just for that one page.

Well done Jean Heiman. You hit it "out of the park" with this. I'm sure Mother Mary is smiling at you from ear to ear.

Book: FATIMA: The Apparition That Changed The World
By Jean Heimann;    http://www.jeanmheimann.com              
Publisher: TAN Books   

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